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Junior Bible Quiz

                                                    What Is JBQ?

                                            JBQ is a quizzing program that uses the Bible
                                            Fact-Pak as its foundation curriculum. The Bible
                                            Fact-Pak is a teaching tool that helps children
                                            learn, understand, and apply important Bible
                                            truths. It includes over 500 questions and

Some of the questions provide background about the Bible and its contents.
Other questions explore the teachings and doctrine within the Bible. All of the
questions together give children a solid basis for a strong and lasting
relationship with God.

The success of JBQ involves some exciting competition principles. During JBQ
meets, two teams of four quizzers each sit behind a set of buzzers. Each
quizzer may activate his own buzzer at any point during the reading of the
question, and the first one to buzz in gets to answer. If the answer is correct,
the quizzer’s team is awarded points based on the difficulty of the question.
Through the competition of quizzing, children learn to win without boasting,
lose without complaining, and treat opponents and officials with respect.

The Goal of JBQ

JBQ, based on cooperative competition, motivates children to learn the
questions and answers in the Bible Fact-Pak and helps assess their knowledge.
But the primary goal of JBQ is to plant the Word deep in the hearts of children
so they may grow in close relationship with God. Elementary-age children,
especially in grades three through six, are often referred to as being in the
“golden age of memorization.” Poems, Bible verses, and stories learned at this
age can usually be quoted for a lifetime. How important it is to capitalize on the
ability to memorize God’s Word!

When a child commits God’s Word to memory, the Holy Spirit can help him
recall those words for guidance and strength. For example, a child tempted to
yell angry words may stop when the Holy Spirit reminds him, “In your anger do
not sin” (Ephesians 4:26). Helping children hide God’s Word in their hearts will
not only help them know right from wrong now, it will also guide their
decisions in the years to come.

Being a part of JBQ is not the only way to help kids learn about God’s Word.
Children within your local church can be challenged to learn the Bible Fact-Pak
questions, beginning with the suggested review questions in Radiant Life’s
Primary, Middler, and Preteen Sunday School Teacher Guides. Children can
compete against themselves as they answer these Bible Fact-Pak questions
correctly, or Sunday School classes may want to challenge each other to quiz
matches similar to spelling bees.

As children learn the all-important truths in God’s Word through JBQ and the
Bible Fact-Pak on their own, they will develop a love for the Bible and an
understanding that its truth can guide their lives daily. Success in Junior Bible
Quiz is not dependent on winning in competition. Success comes when a child
internalizes and develops a love for God’s Word, allowing it to guide him
throughout his life.

For more information on Junior Bible Quiz, contact Jen Lanning

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