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Our Ministries

This is where you'll find information about all the awesome ministries available at First Assembly. If you see
this page and it hasn't been updated, a gentle reminder to the church staff at First Assembly is in order. Let
them know you want to learn more about what is happening at First Assembly and how you can get involved.

During the first six years of life, little children can learn to ask God for help, to tell God their
joys, to thank God what they like about Him, and say, "God, I'm sorry." All the ways that
young children talk with family and friends, they can learn to pray to God.

Kathy Allen, Nursery Attendant

The Kid Zone

Kids are all about having fun. It's their occupation in life. They're fully committed to it and
will work hard to accomplish it daily. If they aren't having fun somewhere, then they will
move on to something or someone else that does have fun. It's the secret sauce that
makes it possible to win their hearts in ministry.

Our goal at First Assembly is to have fun while learning about God. This is at the core of
everything we do in "The Kid Zone". So come have fun with us!

Sarah Goodman, Kids Church Coordinator

Royal Rangers

Our Royal Rangers boys' ministry groups meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm in
various facility classrooms. Under the strong and caring leadership and examples of godly
men, boys are mentored, earning merit badges and achievement awards as they learn
about how to live a life that honors Jesus.

Royals Rangers is an activity-based outdoor program seeking to develop the total boy for
Christ according to Christ's example (Luke 2:52). Royal Rangers provides boys and
young men the opportunity to discover and develop a personal relationship with Jesus
Christ, while learning teamwork, leadership, and a variety of outdoor skills. An individual's
progress may be represented by his progress along a structured advancement program
where recognition is given for his progress toward each advancement level.

As the boys progress through our Royal Rangers program, they complete advancement
steps toward earning awards that are presented at quarterly Council of Achievement
ceremonies. The ultimate goal of a Royal Ranger is to earn his Gold Medal of Achievement,
presented at a special ceremony.

A highlight for the whole church is the annual Pinewood Derby, where boys and adults
alike can craft a race car and compete in a fun evening of racing.

Come be a part of this exciting program as we work together to reach men and boys for
Christ through the ministry of Royal Rangers. For more information on Royal Rangers, to
contact Chad Lanning

Chad Lanning, Commander

Girls' Ministries

What is Girls Ministries? Girls Ministries is a church-based discipleship program
that has a legacy of godly women coming alongside girls, guiding them on a path to
become mature and godly women. Our goal is simple: To see every girl moving toward a
deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and to realize her importance and potential in the
Kingdom of God.

What Makes Girls Ministries Different? Girls Ministries discipleship program is
the premier program for preschool through high school girls in the world. No other girls
ministry program has our variety of activities, focused discipleship track, or a 60-plus-year
proven track record of helping girls become confident, godly women who are leaders in
the church, home, and world.

Why Gender-Specific? Research shows girls learn more quickly and deeply when
they are taught by a role model. Girls need a real-life example. When a girl understands
what it means to be a godly woman, she aspires to the design that God intended. A single-
gender classroom has many benefits, but the greatest of these is for a girl to feel safe and
secure in her discovery of who God intended her to be.

Join the Club: If you're looking for a girls ministry that seamlessly weaves fun and
biblical training together, Girls Ministries Clubs are for you! Your girls will get:  

• Adventures, activities, and games that show them how discovering God's Word
is fun!  

• Lessons in valuable life skills from sportsmanship and integrity, to cooking and outreach.

• One-on-one help in choosing actions, attitudes, and behaviors that please God.

The Bottom Line: Relationships Girls encounter challenging situations as they grow up.
By intentionally fostering relationships between girls and leaders through Girls Clubs, you
can create a safe environment for girls to discuss issues they face and get godly counsel.
Most importantly, Girls Ministries Girls Clubs show each girl that God loves her and wants a
relationship with her.

For more information on what we believe, to contact Beverly Jones

Junior Bible Quiz

What Is JBQ?

JBQ is a quizzing program that uses the Bible Fact-Pak as its foundation curriculum. The
Bible Fact-Pak is a teaching tool that helps children learn, understand, and apply
important Bible truths. It includes over 500 questions and answers.

Some of the questions provide background about the Bible and its contents. Other
questions explore the teachings and doctrine within the Bible. All of the questions together
give children a solid basis for a strong and lasting relationship with God.

The success of JBQ involves some exciting competition principles. During JBQ meets, two
teams of four quizzers each sit behind a set of buzzers. Each quizzer may activate his own
buzzer at any point during the reading of the question, and the first one to buzz in gets to
answer. If the answer is correct, the quizzer’s team is awarded points based on the difficulty
of the question. Through the competition of quizzing, children learn to win without boasting,
lose without complaining, and
treat opponents and officials with respect.

The Goal of JBQ

JBQ, based on cooperative competition, motivates children to learn the questions and
answers in the Bible Fact-Pak and helps assess their knowledge. But the primary goal of
JBQ is to plant the Word deep in the hearts of children so they may grow in close
relationship with God.
Elementary-age children, especially in grades three through six, are often referred to as
being in the “golden age of memorization.” Poems, Bible verses, and stories learned at this
age can usually be quoted for a lifetime. How important it is to capitalize on the ability to
memorize God’s Word!
When a child commits God’s Word to memory, the Holy Spirit can help him recall those
words for guidance and strength. For example, a child tempted to yell angry words may stop
when the Holy Spirit reminds him, “In your anger do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26). Helping
children hide God’s Word in their hearts will not only help them know right from wrong now,
it will also guide their decisions in the years to come.
Being a part of JBQ is not the only way to help kids learn about God’s Word. Children within
your local church can be challenged to learn the Bible Fact-Pak questions, beginning with
the suggested review questions in Radiant Life’s Primary, Middler, and Preteen Sunday
School Teacher Guides. Children can compete against themselves as they answer these
Bible Fact-Pak questions correctly, or Sunday School classes may want to challenge each
other to quiz matches similar to spelling
As children learn the all-important truths in God’s Word through JBQ and the Bible Fact-Pak
on their own, they will develop a love for the Bible and an understanding that its truth can
guide their lives daily. Success in Junior Bible Quiz is not dependent on winning in
competition. Success comes when a child internalizes and develops a love for God’s Word,
allowing it to guide him throughout his life.

For more information on Junior Bible Quiz, to contact Jen Lanning, Coordinator,

Small Group Studies

Welcome to our Home Groups. If you don't see any ministries listed or your ministry group is
missing, please contact the church office. Saturday Night Home Groups meet at Emmett and
Myrnell Kolster's, 10720 SW Hwy 116, Lathrop, MO 64465, (3 miles east of I-35), 816-740-4353
for Fellowship, Word, and Prayer at 7 PM.

Student Ministries (Impact Youth)

Exciting things are happening in Impact at Lathrop First Assembly! We meet Wednesday
night at 6:00 PM. to have dinner with the whole church in the gym. Then at 7:00 PM, we meet
downstairs in the youth room for a time of worship, an inspirational message, fun, and
games. We also meet as a group on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM before the service. We
have lots of activities coming up. Check out the calendar for details. Hope to see you there!
Contact: Brock Goodman at

Women's Ministries

We have never seen a more exciting time to follow Christ and to lead in ministry than right
now! These days in which we live are stuffed full of promise and opportunity—the promise
of an incredible life lived fully in the sweet presence of God, and the amazing global-
impacting opportunity to influence multitudes with the truth of His kingdom and the power
of His love!

Due to constantly advancing technology, what we speak, share and live, can be
experienced around the world in a split second. This amazing opportunity and voice we are
given also brings some serious responsibility. We need wisdom, truth, and the power of
God to live and lead well in this incredible time in history.

We see around us a constant cultural shifting that leads away from Christian ethics and
morals. The results of these trends can be devastating. To those of us in leadership, the
brokenness in the lives of women can feel overwhelming. Ministry to women has never
been more needed than in today’s world!

This local ministry exists to challenge and equip women to passionately pursue God and to
influence their world. We are here to encourage, partner with you, and provide resources to
help you minister to the needs of women. Our purpose is to discover and develop biblical,
godly resources to help disciple women in every stage of life: young, old, married, single,
single moms . . . . We delight in extending a hand to women who find themselves in ministry
and leadership, as well as to women who just want ideas to connect in deeper ways with
God. You do not have to lead or walk this journey alone!

So, take a moment to discover what the Women’s Ministries Department has to offer. For
more information, to contact us
CLICK HERE. Let’s see what amazing things God can do, in
us and through us!

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministries has one goal and vision: to assist men around our church, our town
and the world with their walk with Christ. Our desire is to help men have the courage to
explore and begin their walk with Christ, the strength to develop the lifestyle that enhances
the discipleship patterns of Christ, and the endurance to live a victorious life that allows
their family, friends, colleagues and the younger generations to find their fulfillment in

For more information, to contact  

Service and Dinner

Once a month, on the 3rd Friday,from September to May, we have the Senior Service and
Dinner for our local seniors for the whole community and surrounding area from 11 a.m. to 1

We have a short song service followed by Pastor Brian bringing a short sermon.

The ladies in the church cook the wonderful meals for the dinners and after the service is
over, we adjourn to the gym for the meal. A donation is accepted for the meal.
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